Digital - Tales from El Capistan

Digital - Tales from El Capistan

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Brand new EP by Saint Luminus with 7 mind-bending tracks!

  • All songs recorded using only the El Capistan Tape Echo Delay pedal from Strymon as an effect. 
  • Explore realms of unknown musical sounds
  • Good for your ears, your brain, & your soul!
  • Due to technological hurdles, Digital version is not autographed. Oh how I've tried. 
  • WAV file format
  • Download Includes Cover Art, Lyric Sheet (PDF), and a special Tales of Tales from El Capistan story (PDF)
Download this mystic package of music & extras!

    Note: Digital music files cannot be downloaded onto an iOS device. Apple prefers you buy from iTunes in order to download music. If you're on iOS, find Tales from El Capistan from the iTunes store and you can purchase there.

     Track Listing & Song Previews below: