Just another band t-shirt? I don't think so.

From the moment I started Saint Luminus I knew I didn't want to sell average shirts. Even today most band shirts are the same shirt underneath that band logo and design. They make you look and feel like a sack of potatoes. Don't even get me started on how there is rarely a lack of choice for women. I chose a higher quality of shirt for the Saint Luminus shirts here because I want you to actually look good in your shirt. I want the shirt to actually feel good rather than feel like the same old band shirts you've always purchased in the past. You've put your trust in me, you deserve better than an average shirt.

How about other products in this store? You better believe I choose products with a higher quality. Hoodies, pillows, coffee mugs. Yeah you have my word that you'll get quality from the Saint Luminus Store. I hope you'll find something great for you and a friend.